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I really DO
Let's change the evil ° to a $

Okay, folks. Here's the deal.

By now, you've heard that Scott Jarkoff, aka °jark, is now a FORMER Staff Member.

I'm not privy to the whys, wherefores, and whatever-the-hells are going on behind the scenes here. Don't ask me anything about that. I know probably just as much as you do.

DeviantArt, in my opinion, is becoming less about COMMUNITY and more about CORPORATION.

So what we need to do is bring back THE COMMUNITY.

Here's my suggestion.

On August 7th, DA turns five years old. Five years for a website like this should be a grand affair, one big event.

So don't submit anything on August 7th.

I'm talking a print, a deviation, a scrap...nothing.

Instead, just leave a comment. Visit a user's page and just say hi.

If someone wants to buy a subscription that day, I'm all in favor or it. It'll keep the servers going, and anything that keeps the hamster running is a good thing.

BUT...I think folks shouldn't buy any prints. No print subscriptions. That goes against the COMMUNITY theme for the day.

We want to put the COMMUNITY back into DA.

If you're in favor of this, if you believe in the power this COMMUNITY has, then join me. Post this in your own journal. Spread the word to everyone, with a :nod: and a :heart:.

We might be touting at windmills like Don Quixote.

But if enough of us do it, we might be able to remind everyone that this is a COMMUNITY first and foremost.

Join me. On August 7th, let's take back DeviantArt.


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:thumb21142208: all my base r belong 2 $jark by chezza-t18

08-07-05 Yellow Submission Day by NatureofMind


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juss Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2005  Student
yellow :)
SolarPhoto Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005
Whoot! i got more to add: [link]
daniita Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005
ñoñooo ta muy pro!!! en vdd te felicito :clap:

go jark!! :)
Wachu Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005
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July 30, 2005


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